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Boston Speeding Accident Attorneys

A driver who is speeding or is otherwise driving recklessly not only puts himself or herself in danger, but also jeopardizes the safety of any passengers, as well as anyone else on the roadways. Speeding and reckless acts account for a number of traffic accidents in Boston and the surrounding area. At the law firm of Clark, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, our Boston speeding accident lawyers work hard to get injured victims the compensation they deserve in order to recover and move forward with their lives.

Experienced Advocacy at All Stages of Your Case

Our Cambridge reckless driving attorneys provide personalized service and attention at every stage of our clients' cases. We work closely with our clients in order to understand their objectives and what they hope to accomplish. Whether they are filing in state or federal court, are involved in negotiations with their insurance company, are seeking a form of alternative dispute resolution or are involved in settlement talks, they can rely on our breadth of experience and understanding to help guide them through this difficult time.

Fault and Accident Claims

Massachusetts follows what is known as a modified comparative negligence rule. This means that if a person is found to be 50 percent or less at fault, his or her compensation will be reduced by that amount. Because speeding and other reckless behaviors are inherently risky, it may be very difficult for the liable party to assign any percentage of blame to the injured victim. The lawyers at our Cambridge car accident law firm can let you know what effect this may have on your claim, if any.

Fatal Accidents

Tragically, some accidents prove to be fatal. In these cases, we can help surviving family members file a wrongful death claim. We understand that no amount of financial compensation can replace the loss of a loved one. However, we can help send a message that negligent and reckless actions will not be tolerated.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by a speeding or reckless driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our Boston personal injury attorneys online or call 617-401-7642 for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. We take injury cases on a contingency basis, charging no fee until we recover damages on your behalf.

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