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MA Paralysis Injury Attorneys

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Injuries that cause paralysis leave people changed forever. In addition to adjusting to a life where even the simplest actions are either difficult or impossible, victims of paralyzing accidents have many other concerns. They may be unable to work, require ongoing therapy and rehabilitation and need to modify their homes to accommodate their changed circumstances. Their relationships with friends and family often change, and their sense of self-worth may be battered.

At the Cambridge law firm of Clark, Hunt, Ahern & Embry, our lawyers help clients who suffer a paralyzing injury. We use our years of experience and our knowledge of personal injury law to craft powerful arguments for compensating our clients so they can adjust to their new circumstances the best way they can. We also work with highly respected experts and specialists in a range of disciplines that include medicine, vocational training, accident reconstruction and life coaching. These professionals help us build strong cases by determining the at-fault parties, calculating the ongoing costs of our client's injuries and preparing for trial. Our attorneys are committed to helping our clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries to obtain the compensation they need and deserve to cope with their changed lives.

Causes of Paralyzing Injuries

These injuries are typically caused by:

Our attorneys work closely with clients to develop the best possible legal strategy for individual circumstances and goals. We are sensitive to the emotional impact of paralyzing injuries and remain always mindful of the resources required to pay for psychological treatment in our trial preparation and settlement negotiations. Whether we are taking a case to trial in state or federal court or are negotiating with the insurance company, our law firm is dedicated to seeking the best outcome possible for our clients.

Contact Clark, Hunt, Ahern & Embry to schedule a free initial consultation with our Massachusetts injury lawyers. Call 888-645-8582 toll free. We take injury cases on a contingency basis, charging no fee until we recover damages on your behalf.

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